Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Cake Recipe

    Well, it was more like a pie in shape. But who cares, really.

    I saw this glorious recipe on this blog right here and was quite in awe of the photos, first and foremost. Those currants look especially fantastic! (I can't say the same for my own photos, but you get the general idea at least. Click the link for more inspiring images :)) The simplicity of it was what moved me into action, though. Life with a food processor is basically a bed of roses.
    I went ahead and made this on New Year's Eve, which, by the way, was the most subdued affair ever. Everyone was playing Boggle. Complete and utter silence for 2 minute stretches for like 2 hours. You wouldn't think that's a fun way to spend your time, especially not when you're expected to be drunk and crazy, but it is! I've been playing obsessively since getting a Boggle app on my phone. Probably a mistake, but I comfort my conscience by reminding myself this will help me fend off Alzheimer's. Although that may already be a losing battle, considering how poor my memory is...

    Where was I?
    Oh, right. I made the recipe on New Year's Eve. It was simple and quick (putting aside chilling time) and just phenomenally good. The avocado gives the frosting the most creamy, decadent texture on the planet. The cake is rich and full of chocolatey flavor. The raspberries add that fresh little zing, that sweet tartness only nature can provide satisfactorily.

    This cake is seriously good.

    Below I will provide the same recipe from Just Love Cookin', in sane (there's a space there) English (Google translator is great and everything, but...).