Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love Granola!

    I love granola so much, it's one of those things that I want everyone on the planet to love as well. Doesn't matter if I despise them, who cares if they're horrible people - everybody needs to adore granola! (I feel the same way about Harry Potter, actually... Needless to say, every day is fraught with disappointments.)

    I am of the humble opinion that this recipe makes the best granola ever. Make it. Try it. PLEASE. It's so good! and so very customizable and easy.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Onion Bhajji Recipe

    Onion bhajjis have kind of been a long-standing joke with this group I know. I can't really remember how it started, but every time we talk now they're wormed into the conversation somehow. I neither knew nor cared much what they were until this conversation... (I'll just say now that reverse psychology would work great on me. If you say I can't, I probably will.)

V: Happy birthday all the way from the third world :) Have some Onion Bhajji's to celebrate...

Me: Thanks! I still don't have any idea what onion bhajjis are. I'm ashamed.

V: And now you know.

Me: I feel so informed now. I was thinking it'd be something more... complex?

V: Bhajji is complex! Try making it once... the consistency is painful to achieve...

Me: These onion bhajjis look easy... I'M GONNA MAKE THEM. That'll learn you who's boss.

V:  I urge you to try them. when your bhajji's reach their inevitable and fiery end you shall bow in awe of me :)

    That last part didn't really happen, but I may or may not have been thinking it. It is rather undeserved in this instance though, because you know, onion bhajji is insanely simple to make!

    Notes at the end.