Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boring Talking

    I'm starting to notice a trend for this blog... I feel I post up more failures than successes, or at least the failures are a lot more memorable. But what can I say? Most of what I do is poorly planned!

    At any rate, here's some more news of something that hasn't worked: my diet. After 3 weeks, when I was wanting to begin adding foods back in, I noticed that nothing had made any improvement whatsoever. Quite the opposite, in fact; I've felt really bad. Not to mention that I've been outrageously unhappy for about 2 weeks, which is unusual. I can't understand this, seeing as I've been eating far better, with more fruits and vegetables, than I ever have in my whole life. There's only two explanations I can come up with: either I'm having difficulties with one of the few foods I'm still eating, or my troubles are not food related.

    I both hope and dread that the latter is true. If it isn't food related I can eat whatever I want! But then again, if it isn't food related, what the deuce is it? Food related is (highly) regrettable but manageable. Non-food related has the potential to be quite serious, and mysterious (HEH) since no doctor to date has had the faintest idea about what's going on with my insides. It's a real bummer.

    I decided to start adding foods back in despite the fact that I still feel terrible. Removing things didn't help, so I'd rather eat tasties and be miserable than miserable and without tasties. I reintroduced corn and I don't think I had any negative reactions to it. It's so hard to tell, though. Pretty sure I didn't. However, I did eat a little Mexican food and my body strongly protested that! I've eaten at this same place many times - sometimes I feel perfect afterwards, sometimes I feel a little bad... This was in a category of its own. I suppose I shouldn't eat there... Oh well.

    On Monday I'll try soy. Oh, and others have been cooking for me more than I have for myself lately, so no pictures. The few things I've made have been nothing to write home about. 

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