Friday, May 27, 2011

Dirt in a Lovely Lemon and Oil Marinade (Oy Vey)

   Unrivaled artistic ability, right here.

    Is it normal for fish to taste... dirt-like?

    As should be apparent from my having to ask that question, I don't usually eat fish; I don't actually like it. Not much, anyway, unless it's fried or from a can. Yes, I am a classy girl.

    Since I'm on this diet and everything, I've been trying to diversify the foods I consume to find some things I'll want to have after this is all over. It won't do to give myself intolerances to things I can still eat, and anyway, Variety is the spice of life! as my sister always tells me. I've found a few that I'll want to keep around... Dates, for instance. Ohhh my goodness. The appearance they have of mushy honeyed beetles has put me off them for years, but no more! And sweet potatoes, too. I never liked them much, nor yams, but I'm growing to appreciate more now.

    However, after this last experience I've had, I don't really want to venture into fishy cuisine ever again. Was it a bad fish? Does being farm raised make it bad? I know it's not desirable, but farmed raised doesn't mean it has to taste like dirt, does it? I marinated it in lemon juice and ginger and olive oil, and it smelled good while cooking, and a little piece off the edge tasted nice, but when I ate some from the middle it really just... tasted like dirt, with some lemon juice on it. Lemony dirt. It was a tilapia fillet, and it was very cheap. CAN I REALLY BE BLAMED WHEN THEY'RE ON SALE?

    I also made some coconut brown rice to go with it. Yeah... that didn't work out either. It had the loveliest, creamy flavor, but I cooked it for like, over an hour and it was still hard. This one I must attempt again though, because the flavor was just divine. I crunched my way through two servings of it, which just goes to show.

    I made a salad, too. Just some random stuff and salt. At least that was good!


  1. You aren't alone, I have never eaten tilapia because I always heard that it tasted like dirt. I remember someone telling me it was because they are herbivores, but cows don't taste like dirt, so I dunno...

  2. (also, in case you are wondering, that's not my username, I tried to use my AIM name and the internet had a bit of a hiccup)

  3. Thank you for that confirmation! The dirt fish has had me seriously baffled. I guess next time I'll have to not be so cheap (unlikely)! I wonder if there's some scientific explanation behind it or if it's just one of those things. Hmmm.

  4. I've eaten cheap tilapia on multiple occasions and it's always been fine enough and not dirty tasting. Perhaps you should try again..