Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Elimination Diet

    Well! A lot of experimentation has been going on in the kitchen recently. On Monday last week I began an Elimination Diet. I've been rather struggling to find things to eat, since I somewhat made the diet up myself (sound familiar?) and have had difficulty finding meal plans that suit my fabricated regime. While I think I already know the cause of all my troubles (dairy, once you count out gluten) I nevertheless felt I ought to do the thing right and start back at the basics.

I'm removing:
refined sugars
grains (sans brown rice)
citrus (save lemons, for seasoning purposes)
nightshades (tomato, potato, peppers, paprika, etc)

    ...When I say doing the thing RIGHT I really mean doing it kind of, in a manner of speaking, correctly. Without heaping spoonfuls of sugar to tide me over I've resorted to other means... I've eaten more honey in the past week than I have in my whole life, probably. And with spices and the like I haven't been willing to check what family they come from, in case I'll have to get rid of them, too. I may only be harming myself, but if I can't add a tablespoon of cumin seeds to some vegetables, what's the point!

    I think I'm missing garlic the most, though. They don't generally say to cut it out, but advise that you scratch anything you eat regularly. Maybe it's not something to boast about, but I will anyway - 7 or 8 large cloves of garlic in one dish is completely acceptable in my book! As we say here, you can never really have too much garlic; it's a myth.
    After about 3-4 weeks I hope I'll be feeling better so I can start adding things back into the mix. I've been trying to decide between corn, soy and, um, potatoes. Corn and soy would both make my meals far easier and more diverse, but I just love potatoes! I've already planned on making some up, all herbed and mashed and delicious...

    Well anyway! If anything turns out properly, I'll take some pictures to share :)  

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