Tuesday, March 22, 2011

English Muffins!

    I followed a recipe exactly for once and the result was heavenly~! This makes me wonder if I should be good more often instead of automatically assuming I know best...

    English muffins lathered in butter with honey drizzled over them has always been a major favorite of mine, and I have sorely missed them since deglutening. I had been "planning" on making an attempt at them for some time, but my track record is very bad and converting normal recipes to GF is rarely very easy (even for the experienced baker) so I was nervous to try.

    I ran across this recipe and felt heartened by the fact that there's no rice flour used (I'm sorry, but rice flour usually ruins texture. IT JUST DOES). Those picture are a great selling point, too; look at that texture! Plus, I had just bought teff flour and needed a recipe to try it on.

    Mine look a bit funky on the outside. I didn't take a picture of it since they're kind of like... albino lumpy things on the top, thanks to my makeshift English muffin tins being too big height-wise (one side is nice and flat, the other is all dilapidated. The dough is super sticky as well, more like batter, so it was difficult to smooth out the top). But you know I can deal with that, considering the texture and flavor are absolutely perfect! They're sooo chewy and soft inside with a flawless crunch on the outside, and the taste is slightly yeasty and wholesome and lovely.

    I'd offer these bad boys to anybody, gluten free or no. Smitten!

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