Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day Ambitions, plus Awed by Spam

    I'd like to say I'm on the mend, yet that might be considered something of a lie seeing as sleeping has been a near impossibility lately (going on 24 hours currently!) due to stomach issues. BUT NO MATTER. I'm able to eat this time around, so who cares! Probably only a week more and we'll be back in business. 

    Regardless of how things turn out, Mother's Day is coming up soonish and I intend the meal to be of special magnificence... I planned it all out just now. My mother always expressed her love for us kiddies with the food she prepared, so it's time to return the favor (a little - it'd be hard to repay so many years of cooking for six exceptionally opinionated children)!

    Actually, looking this over again, I'll probably chicken out on a few of the menu items... It's so easy to be ambitious on paper; I never account for how lazy I am in reality. Still, though. IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD. I'd bet my life on it, maybe.

    On an unrelated note, I used one of those English muffins for an Egg (Mc)Muffin. So good! I used spam, which I'd never had before, since there was no sausage in the house. How was I to know meat purée stuffed in a can would be so delicious? The addition of baby spinach made it extra fly.

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