Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It happened because there weren't any chocolate chips, probably.

    Gluten manifests itself in a strange way for my system. That is, it takes a week to really kick in and then I'm sick for about 14 days. Pretty serious stuff, to be wiped out for the better part of a month... And I think I'm settling into another episode. It's not my fault this time! 

    I can admit to the chicken nuggets being mostly partly my fault (they were in the freezer egging me on, though. I tried to find ground chicken ASAP but they didn't have any at the store. ...Why I always crave gross, low-quality gluten foods is a mystery). Besides, it was all for science anyway. I had to perform tests! Those blood tests often result in false positives (wishful thinking)!

    But if it happens this time, I cannot be blamed. They were just sitting there on the counter... freshly baked... I'd been planning to bake my own, I swear! But there weren't any chocolate chips!

    It was only one cookie, one week ago. I've been feeling sick since then, and today have no appetite. The usual symptoms. At least we know for sure that I have Celiac disease after this last impromptu scientific experiment! Right?!

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